Hi. I am a frontend developer based in Moscow, RF. This portfolio demonstrate learning projects which I made during Frontend Techdegree at Treehouse.
I am passionate about simplicity, order, optimization and beauty of constructions. My philosophy “less is more”. I like programming, architecture, literature, mountains and comedies. Don't hesitate to contact me for a relevant job offer or just to chit-chat :)


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React Flickr Gallery

In this project I built an image gallery using React and the Flickr API. I used my knowledge in JavaScript, XML, React, React Router, Axios and CSS3.

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Interactive Photo Gallery

In this project I created an interactive photo gallery. At the top of the page there is a search area where photos hides and shows depending on user input. When the user clicks on a thumbnail, the photo displays in a lightbox with back and forward buttons in order to cycle through gallery. I used JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 for this project.

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Public API for an Employee Directory

In this project I used the Random User Generator API (https://randomuser.me/) to grab information for 12 random “employees” and used that data to build a prototype of an employee directory. I created HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. I requested a JSON object from the API and parsed the data so that 12 employees are listed in a grid with their thumbnail image and some user information. For current project I also used JQuery.

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Web App Dashboard

In this project I built web dashboard complete with JavaScript-driven charts and graphs. I created one page with HTML5, Sass and JavaScript (EcmaScript 6). For charts was used Chart.js. Storing information is based on Local Storage.

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registration form
Registration Form

In this project I built a responsive, mobile-friendly registration form using a wide variety of HTML form input types and attributes. I used my knowledge in HTML5 and CSS3. Also there were added some Google fonts.

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Video player
Interactive Video Player

In this project I built an HTML5 video player using JavaScript and the HTML5 Video API. Using the supplied mockups, video files, and transcript, I built an interactive video player that synchronizes the video and the transcript. The transcript was placed below the video, and highlights as the video progresses. When a user clicks any part of the transcript it takes them to the appropriate place in the video.

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CSS to Sass

In this project I converted a CSS stylesheet to Sass. I refactored the stylesheet using SCSS partials, variables, extends, and mixins. I used my knowledge in Sass, CSS3 and HTML5 for this project.

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Accessibility Refactor

For this project I modified the website files provided for the rock band “Accessible Frog" to improve the site's accessibility for users with different disabilities. I used correct HTML5 tags and special approach in colors and design based on WCAG 2.0.

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My Skills


I also aware in these concepts

React Router Axios Local Storage Mobile-First Approach Web Accessibility Responsive Design Cross-Browser Compatibility


Any advices on or questions about my work are highly appreciated.
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